Roses Are Just Like People

Roses Are Just Like People

The flowers that are admired most are those with noticeable distinct features that can be used as decorations, gifts, or symbols of divine meanings. A glimpse of the beautiful petals bestows a feeling of irresistible adoration. An actual embodiment of something divine that only blooms depending on the seasons of time, like roses, their time is set to bloom or wither. Just like humans have the test of times, we are sad if something bad happens and happy if there is goodness. Humans are like roses, beautifully made with imperfections. Both shine in their time, a natural tendency of existing in any part of the world. Beauty does not really depend on how perfect a person can be since it is impossible to conceptualize perfection from our perspective.

Roses exist in various colors, as

Roses exist in various colors, as people exist with different personalities. Each has a shade of its own, as a person can be an introvert or extrovert that outshines the crowd. The flowers having brighter colors usually glow more than just being recognized by the naked eye, but flowers are adorable only at the peak of their season, as a man can be the best only at his prime. Although some tend to stand out from others, all of them are still unique in their appearance. Not all have the same preferences, for humans prefer different colors, just as how a person does not admire what the majority admire. That includes both genders, men or women, the same nature of differentiation. These flowers thrive often near the area of their origin, as roses are dominant to the place where they belong like how people dominantly exist also in their place of birth.

Flowers have painful parts if you

Flowers have painful parts if you touch them, as the thorns protect them from any external factors that would cause hurt. Human beings have a defense mechanism that would protect them too from any physical or emotional danger. Inevitable instances that make people experience hurt are part of life, without them, life will never be complete. If you treat them delicately, roses will bloom beautifully, like how people are treated special.

Roses Are Just Like People

Similar features can be found in the nature of roses with a person, living species that thrives for a purpose. If the purpose of roses is to bring beauty in the environment according to their colors, the purpose of a person is to bring goodness to the world according to their passion too. When there is a purpose in life, the universe will conspire to allow things to be in harmony. A position where you become immovable as you live with others. The man who found his purpose will stand strong for who he is, not changing nature for others, just like roses. Roses do not change their colors to blend with bushes that do not bear petals. People are not supposed to change themselves to please anyone too.

Plants like roses do not exist under the shadow of other plants always, these plants open their petals wide to embrace the sun, the same thing with a person’s value. Living in the shadow of another person will only hide your importance as a unique being. We are meant to be out in the open like petals dancing freely with the wind, not under the canopy of sadness.

Why do you think roses are given during Valentine’s Day? A symbol of love. Roses are lovable, just like human beings, we are made to love and to be loved. These plants are chosen not only for their beauty but also for the fragrance possessed. The effect of it when it is given to a woman is lovely, as men are destined to attract women not only by looks, by personality and convictions in life too.

Every comparison made is mostly positive things because roses are created to be beautiful only; the same goes for humans, who are supposed to appear beautiful and not miserable. They are not meant to be trampled or abandoned since roses always belong to a place surrounded by love. Neither men nor women deserved to be trampled or abandoned, as every soul is precious and has a unique worth that is incomparable with other beings. The worth that will help others to share goodness, beauty, and love.