My Best Friend’s Bouquent Review: Everything You Need To Know About The Film; Cast, Streaming etc

After premiering My Best Friend’s Bouquet on Saturday, Hallmark is expected to air again the film that brought together stars Chaley Rose and Nathan Witte on October 11, 13, 17, 18 and 22 respectively. Reports from the BC Local News showed that the filming of the movie took place at two places, including the Naismith Avenue and Muddy Waters Café that are situated on the Esplanade Avenue in Harrison Hot Springs. Another media channel reported that Agassiz was one of the biggest shooting sites, a sentiment that was supported by Ivan Hayden, the executive producer who told BC Local News that he really enjoyed filming in the region.

Not to mention that the shooting

Not to mention that the shooting of the film was done in line with the Ministry of Health guidelines on corona that saw all the crews and cast quarantined for two weeks while filming. Rose had admitted earlier that the British Columbia has handled the outbreak properly since the number of reported cases are super-low. She added that with the presence of the gorgeous hot springs lakes, and to say nothing of the mountains in Harrison, they had a lot of fun. Rose went ahead to reveal to the fans that several things that see in My Best Friend’s Bouquet happened out of love.

My Best Friend's Bouquent Review: Everything You Need To Know About The Film Cast, Streaming etc

The film pays attention to Josie Hughes, a hopeless romantic lady that believes in the kind of romantic relationships that are common in movies. It’s good to know that Josie also knows how to find her way to the right person when tossed by the bride. This movie takes a drastic twist at the Emma’s wedding when ends up with what many described as the bouquet. The superstar started dating what she thought to be an eligible bachelor when the two met at the reception. Her action upset her long-term friend and her secret admirer, Alex. As a matter of fact, Josie has made up her mind, and she started believing that everything about Will is happening because of the bouquet.

Even though she was reminded that her new move could jeopardize her friend’s happiness, she still maintained that Will is the one. It’s good to know that Chaley Rose stars who starred as Josie received a lot of credits in various movies such as Holiday Heist, Lucifer, Dinner for Two, Code Black, among others. On the other hand, Nathan Witte stars as Alex made a name in the Batwoman (Agent Robles), Love at the Sunset Terrace, and others.